Basel is a vegan-friendly city with an increasing number of cafés and restaurants offering vegan alternatives. For more information about where to eat, please have a look at

Social life
The vegan community in Basel is quite large and is very active. Once a month, a vegan dinner is organized in a different place.
In the summertime, we meet up for barbecues.  Everyone is welcome, even if you are not yet a vegan. Should you decide to become a vegan and struggle differentiating the various vegan products, we organize „shopping tours“ several times a month to show you where and what to buy and how to pay attention to the different labels. Please check our website for a list of shops where you can find vegan products.

Our events are international with people coming from the 5 continents and English is definitely spoken, so come and join us!

The list of our future events is posted on our Facebook page.

Promoting veganism
Basel Vegan is an NGO that aims at informing and promoting veganism in Basel and the surrounding region.. We often organize information stands or hand out flyers to inform the public about what being a vegan means.

Want to join us? Check (and like!) our Facebook page or our website or…
send us an email at

We are looking forward to meeting you!

There is currently a debate going on in Switzerland with the aim of offering more vegan alternatives in schools, hospitals, universities… If this topic is of interest to you, please check out or send us an email.

Being a vegan in Switzerland
The Swiss association Vegane Gesellschaft Schweiz has lots of information about veganism in Switzerland.

See you soon!
The Basel Vegan Team